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MedInsight provides media highlights, data & business intelligence, research analysis,and consulting solutions in Medical & Public Health sector from both macro and micro dimensions.

MedInsight aims to converge various influential ideas, thoughts, insights, research & analysis, both from medical and health theorists/practitioner’s perspectives as well as Top-tier business leaders’,consultants’, research analysts’, to jointly depict a better medical & public health landscape & blueprint,  search for multi-dimensional insights, provide actionable proposals for critical business decisions, structure well-grounded advisory solutions to various stakeholders, so as to reach common ground for sustainable development of Medical & Public Health and collaboration on long term basis.

MedInsight ‘s Mission & Vision:  MedInsight endeavors to establish a world that all human beings are entitled to live and prosper with combined efforts and wisdom to combat against diseases,  provides platforms to reach for medical resources more transparently, efficiently, with helpful guidance based on motivation of  human equal rights, entitled to freedom from fear or hurt.

MedInsight would mainly focused on the following research & analysis topics in the first stage and would gradually expand the Med analysis coverage, when MedInsight Team convened more Medical Experts & Business Consultants with various backgrounds and research focus.

1. Public Health & Country Med Governance

2. Medicine R&D updates and Market Dynamics

3. Hospital Management & Best Practices

4. Medical Theorists & Practitioners

5. Med Business Giants & Competition Landscapes

6. Med M&A Deals

7. Med Start-ups & Business Innovations

8. Med Venture Capitalists & Institutional Investors

9. Med Endowments & Foundations

10. Medical Schools & Knowledge Bank, Medipedia

11. Med Forums, Seminars,Exhibitions, Training

12. Med Business Intelligence & Big Data, Decision Engines


We are currently based in China, but would welcome suggestions & comments, press releases, journalists writings & inputs,  Med consultant & Investors’ research & analysis findings, Med KOL & Professional’s viewpoints from both home and broad.

Both Chinese and English articles are warmly welcomed, and MedInsight would try to provide bilingual translated versions covering highlights of the original research findings.


For more information ,suggestions/comments, proposals and/or business collaboration opportunities, please refer to



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